The Open Episcopal Church

The Communion of the Open Episcopal Church in the Province of the United Kingdom and Ireland

A member of the International Council of Community Churches & the World Council of Churches

We Believe:

The Open Episcopal Church is rooted in the teaching of the historic Church enshrined in the Christian Creeds and the teaching of all the Ecumenical Councils of the Church

However, we express our beliefs in a radical, relevant, modern and accessible manner.

We do not see church as a building or a denomination or a distinct group of people, rather everyone that exists.

The original meaning of the word indicated those who gathered, randomly, momentarily, to chat, laugh, weep or share their lives. A market place of humanity, in which every person had a right to be and play their part.

We are here to meet anyone, be one among others that gather, to regard all people as equal and all able to contribute.

We do not regard ourselves as different from others, nor do we believe that we have all the answers or can be the source of all wisdom. We believe everyone has a part to play in the conversation and drama of life. We must all pitch in and in the connecting that takes place we all give and receive and grow towards a better and more humane understanding.

The Mission of The Open Episcopal Church