The Open Episcopal Church

A member of the International Council of Community Churches & the World Council of Churches

Inclusive prayers, psalms and canticles


A modern Lord's Prayer, Gloria, Venite and Service to unite the world ( Inclusive Mass ) by Archbishop Blake and a Creed by Revd Morgan

A modern

'Lord's Prayer'

May Love be revered

May Unity come

Good will be done

That earth may evolve into heaven

May we work hard today for our daily bread

And may our sins be forgiven

As we forgive those

Who have sinned against us

And may we not fall into temptation

But be delivered from evil

For we believe in justice, truth and peace

For ever and ever

A modern


Glory to Love in the purest

And peace to all forms of life

We praise

We bless

We adore

We glorify

We give thanks for all that is good

Love, justice, truth and peace

Kindness and mercy

Good people, from all ages

Faiths and cultures

Our inspiration and our light

You take away the sins of the world

Embolden us

You take away the sins of the world

Guide us

You are held in the greatest respect

Inspire us

For you are to be revered

Honoured and remembered

Shining lights, urging goodness on

Through every generation.

A modern


Come let us sing out to Life

Let us exult in the strength of all that saves us

Let us come before creation with thanksgiving and cry out joyfully in songs of praise.

For our world is a great world, and a great planet above all planets.

In nature's gift are all the corners of the earth, the high hills, the sea

And the dry land moulded for our habitation.

Come, let us worship and revere the mystery of life and kneel in humility before the glory of creation.

For we have been given life; we are people of the earth and enjoy the beauty of this world's pastures.

If only we would hear Love's voice, for Love comes to judge the earth.

Love shall judge us all with righteousness and truth.

Glory to all that creates, redeems and inspires,

Now and forever.

A modern

Creed by Revd Christopher Morgan

We believe in God,

Who is both known and unknown,

Who is revealed to us in innumerable ways

And worshipped in diversity. 

We believe that God is made real through love

That God is Love

That Love reveals God to us and each other. 

And we believe in Jesus of Nazareth,

The human embodiment of that Love.

Fully human and fully Love.  

He was born as one of us, as part of God's plan

He lived as one of us, eating, drinking, laughing, crying.

Breathing the air of life and surrounding all those He met with the Love from which He came. 

Humankind turned against Him.

His life and dignity were taken from Him on the tree of death.

Love died, and was laid in a cold tomb. 

On the third day, Love triumphed, and we believe that Jesus rose again. 

He returned to the God who had revealed Love through Him.

He shares in God's spiritual presence.

Through this Love he empowers us to Love. 

We believe in that Love

The presence of God in each other

The diversity of belief

The resurrection of Love

And the reality of eternity.